About Us

Expo4Africa is the only comprehensive source of info about exhibitions, congresses and large scale events in Africa. 

Expo4Africa was built with a vision to assist the boosting African economies to deliver the info about all the large scale events planned in the continent alongside with the info about all the related local service providers.

Expo4Africa is owned and operated by AfriTrade Capital Ventures LTD., a Nigerian based company with diversified activities that has set to itself a target to be an innovative network of information related to the African continent. The company is proud to be operated by young and ambitious African talents that are creating in Africa the world of tomorrow!

Expo4Africa invites every organizer, every service provider and every government in Africa to publish their events and related services for free in our innovative website. Moreover, we invite those who want to contribute to publish their events and products in our website and by that to support our ambitious vision of creating more and more work places for youngsters in the region.

Thank you for visiting Expo4Africa, please spread the info about our site with your friends, colleagues and business partners.